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Essentially we are an events company, we own much of our own kit and provide our own catering and bar services, however we can do as much or as little of your event as you may need. From venue theming to simply offering festival stalls for catering – we work with venues, corporate customers and agencies. We deal with all aspects of health and safety and plans where needed.



We are proud of our catering; good food, drink and some music is essentially what makes up most events, and good food is, in our opinion, the lynch pin of a great event. We only use fresh, free-range, artisan products and it makes a such a difference to the end result, we can cater for thousands with the same quality as we would for a hundred.


Theming & Décor

One of our most popular themes is the winter wonderland around Christmas time, a very popular fun theme for parties, we work with corporate parties, agencies and venues alike, we are happy to come and do a site visit and help with as much of the event as you need.



Military Balls

We’ve worked with many bases over the years including the purple ball, from full event theming to just covering up some of the walls with starcloth; we can supply entertainers and food concessions, as well as fairground attractions and inflatables. Full health and safety checks are dealt with on your behalf with outside suppliers.


Large Corporate Events

From organising large marquees, to large summer festival style events – a large event can be a little more involved. From deal with with local authorities to security and licensing, sometimes a large array of suppliers are needed depending on your needs, feel free to get in touch and see what ideas we can offer you for your next event.


Other Useful Bits

So we guess its easy to say what we like about ourselves, but some things you may like to know; all the photos on this site are our own, of our own products. Yes, even the food close-ups. We have an 80% client retention rate year-on-year. Venues we have worked with include Twickenham, Old Trafford, Manchester war Museum and Sandhurst. Clients include Virgin Atlantic, Hyundai and Fat Face. We are happy to help with all enquiries and a chat costs nothing, we are always happy to advise.